A great infographic from LogRhythm looking at ransomware and the 5 phases of an attack.

The style of attacks are becoming more common as the perpetrators get wise to the fact that they can gain huge financial reward from holding users to ransom. It's often the case that businesses will just pay the ransom out of a need to get back up and running, but sadly this only leaves them open to further attacks once they have marked themselves as willing to pay.

It's a scary thought that 72% of companies who had a ransomware attack lost access to data for at least 2 days afterwards. Not only does that impact heavily on the productivity of the business, but can also result in damages to reputation if day to day activities cannot be carried out.

Having the right processes and technologies in place to monitor systems, detect malware and neutralise that suspicious activity is crucial. Understanding the phases of an attack is the first step in seeing if your cybersecurity is up to scratch.