Long gone are the days when considering which anti-virus to use, and then keeping it up to date were the extent of our cyber security worries.

As SecureAuth note in this article, Verizon recently found that credentials are often a target of attacks not simply as a one off, but to add to an arsenal of techniques for future attacks.

The human element remains the weak link in cyber security. All of the encryption and malware detection in the world won't protect you if an attacker decides to focus on your end users as their way in. When we consider the 25 most popular passwords from last year it's perhaps unsurprising that we need to ensure that we are not leaving ourselves open to attacks in the simplest of ways - human error.

It is certainly no longer enough to tick the anti-virus box and move on.

Two factor authentication or a multi layered, adaptive approach are ways we can move towards protecting business from attacks effectively and will only become more important over the next few years. 

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