Ransomware is increasingly having a drastic impact on productivity across all areas of infected businesses, making it a threat we cannot ignore. As new strains are constantly created, technology which has the intelligence to keep up is crucial.

There are two areas that need to be focussed on in order to minimise negative impact:

- End user education

Ransomware comes in at the front line, targeting end users, locking them out of devices and rendering them useless. It is crucially important that there are best practices and processes in place for dealing with this rather than simply paying the fine and increasing chances of further attacks.

- Keeping up to date with effective AV

What protected you yesterday may not protect you tomorrow or next week. New strains are constantly being developed to outwit the defenses we put in place. Ensure that you are using next generation antivirus software that blocks malicious files pre-execution.

Updating software and educating end users is often at the back of the line of priorities, but with the threat of ransomware regularly increasing, this needs to change.