Apple co-fonder Steve Wozniak's statement that cyber security poses the greatest threat the world has faced since the atom bomb, feels very sensationalist.

To date the most high profile victims of cyber attacks have been owners of Panamanian off-shore companies and large corporations.

In themselves, unlikely to spread the same sort of panic a seemingly imminent atomic bomb attack caused during the Cold War.

Yet the convergence of the physical and digital worlds does ask legitimate questions. How can nations protect critical infrastructure, such as power stations, from cyber attack?

And as the speed and direction of travel continues in this direction, with self driving cars, an automated London Underground network, and the Internet of Things connecting every household item to the internet, suddenly Wozniak's statement looks less far fetched.

How nation states protect themselves from cyber attack, while enjoying the benefits and improvements in quality of life technological advancements bring, could be one of the defining issues of the 21st century.